Falaq Express is a delivery solution service provider for the growing E-commerce platforms in Dhaka. Falaq Express’s reputation for high priority delivery service for our existing clients is second to none. Falaq Express is called upon to provide immediate deliveries on a daily basis to a handful of our selected E-commerce Partners.

Having implemented a variety of delivery methods, the company began its journey in 2019 with just a group of hard working men and students willing to survive. Falaq Express garnered a loyal B2B customer base along the way, who entirely depend on us for any logistical support. We believe any E-commerce business can become more effective and save money with Falaq Express’s delivery solutions. We began multiple innovative delivery methods this year such as for Frozen, Fragile & Sensitive Food goods.
For that we are hoping to add a few more dedicated B2B clients to our arsenal.

We don’t aim to have as many clients as possible. We keep our client list pretty short so that our clients can get the best flexible, dedicated and reliable service which wouldn’t be possible if we take on the policy of Quantity over Quality. We believe in Quality over Quantity service instead. We believe in helping grow your business as if it is our own. We also offer to help promote our clients products through our channels through expert digital marketing solutions that we have within our company.

We primarily also help clients with financial services such as quick payment of received goods within the next day. This helps our clients with efficient cash flow in their business.

We ensure quickest delivery of our clients products with various delivery route planning softwares and other logistical channels in hand.

Unlike the logistic giants currently operating in the country, We at Falaq Express, at maximum we serve up to only 5 clients services in any given moment of our business cycle and that keeps us afloat due to loyalty of our clients to us and us to them and them only.


We provide dedicated bandwidth and not shared.